Carb Problem

Posted by Craig on April 27, 1998 at 21:35:00

I have a late 1931 160-B Town Sedan.It has an indented firewall and late model carburetor.The fuel shutoff valve is outside on the firewall.

The plugs look as though they are full of soot and in some cases wet with fuel.Ok I know it is running rich.I removed the carburetor disassembled it and soked all parts in a solvent.Then replaced all jets and secondary well with new parts.New gaskets installed and still running terrible.Seems to be starving for fuel when I go uphill and runs rough on an idle.Checked and replaced coil and modern point set.Cheked all gap clearance'sChecked timing.I even plugged up vacumm thinking I was being robbed of air at this point.

Nothing seems to work.Borrowed a Tilliston carb from a friend and car runs almost perfect.Maybe this carb could use some minor adjustment but runs better then mine by leaps and bounds.

Motor was recently re-built and I assume compression is OK but will check it out tomarow.


Thank you,


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