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Posted by H. L. Chauvin on April 27, 1998 at 22:57:29

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posted by Craig on April 27, 1998 at 21:35:00

: I have a late 1931 ... and late model carburetor.
: plugs full of soot and wet with fuel ... running rich ... soaked all parts in a solvent ... replaced all jets and secondary well with new parts.New gaskets installed, still running terrible ... starving for fuel when I go uphill and runs rough on an idle.Checked and replaced coil and modern point set ... all gap clearance's ... timing ... plugged vacumm... Nothing seems to work.Borrowed Tillotson carb ... and car runs almost perfect ... this carb could use some minor adjustment but runs better then mine by leaps and bounds ... motor recently re-built ... assume compression is OK but will check it out tomorrow ... ANY IDEAS????
Thank you, Craig

Hi Craig:It appears you may have verified the fuel rich mixture problem well by careful process of elimination. Maybe continue your process step by step, i.e., 1st check float for sticking to sides of bowl, float leaks, or float valve not seating, which could cause bowl fuel level to be high;hence, mixture too rich.2nd, check to see if gas adjusting needle (adjusted with choke rod) seats -- try using your friend's Tillotson needle, it may fit! If Tillotson needle works, try using a 1/8-27 NPT tap, (verify), to deepen threads on your carb to lower seating of the gas adjusting needle. Let us know how you're doing.Also Bratton's catalog has two (2) books on carb testing and repair, $5.00 & 12.00 each, by Paul Moller and Steve Pargeter if all else fails.

Best wishes, Henry

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