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Posted by Glen Weilbaker on April 28, 1998 at 08:26:04

In Reply to: Carb Problem
posted by Craig on April 27, 1998 at 21:35:00

To add to Henry's excellent advice, check the wear at the throttle shaft, too much will cause poor idle. Sounds like you got your self some replacement parts, don't take them for granted, check them with a fine tooth comb. Often they will introduce a bigger problem than you're solving, check for machining burrs, cracks where jet tubes go into nuts, gaskets that don't compress right, etc etc.
Also sounds that you have more than one problem, fix the major problem first then go the the next until she's good.
Many times people will try to fix everything in one swoop and get frustrated because it still as the problem.
I'd look at the rich condition first, like Henry said, look at the compensator needle and seat. Does the carb dribble gas?
Could be a gasket not compressed right at the base of a jet or the jet part has a crack where the tube attaches through the hex part. It takes patience, you find it out, think of yourself as a tinkerer sleuth.
Not done yet, you have a late 31 indented fire wall, these don't have the fortune of putting in the little filter to actually take gas above the crud that has settled at the bottom of the tank, instead it pukes crude continuously plugging filters and messing with the float valve. This is something to keep in mind too.

On your fresh engine rebuild, you'll have to retorque the head and manifold nuts, infact every nut and bolt should be checked. With her running rich check the oil for gas.

Good luck and let the board know what you find,

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