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Posted by Doug Linden on June 25, 1997 at 15:44:45

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posted by Mike Flanagan on June 25, 1997 at 13:25:09

: : Can anyone tell me the advantages and their experience with powder coated wheels?.I know that regular paint gets damaged in a hurry and would like something more durable.Also can you give me the name, tel no, email address for someone who does powder coating on "A" wheels?Thanks

: Steve, as the old saying goes, "best thing since sliced bread"!
: Advantages:
:Bullet proof: In 6000 miles and a complete set of white walls to replace the black walls, ie; two tire changes per wheel, and not a mark. This had an impact on the "Domestic Tranquility" as my wife had the chore of touching up the straw wheels before every run.
:Cost: Five wheels sandblasted and powder coated for $150.00. I have done five wheels with primer, sanding and paint and I wouldn't even consider it for under $50 per wheel.
:Appearance: A pressure washer with a little Smart & FinalCleaner & degreaser then clear rinse and a blow dry with the leaf blower and we're good to go with our nuts a shinin'.The black shows no fading after a year and a half of ARIZONA.

: Dis-Advantages: Sometimes the colors don't match perfectly for a show car. That's why I chose black with white walls.

: I don't know where you are but the powder coaters are sometimes listed under Industrial Coatings or Painting Contractors in the Yellow pages.

: I'll never have another Model a with painted rims.

: Other than that I really have no opinion on the subject.

: Mike Flanagan, The Model A Fool.

I agree with Mike.Although the wheels on My "A" have not been powder coated, a number of guys in our club have gone the route and express the same sentiments as Mike.The range of colors is very wide and a match can be found for just about any wheel.

The local shop at one time would do a wheel for $50, and that included sandblasting.The price has gone up since he first started, but it's still reasonable. From what I can gather the price varies greatly from shop to shop.

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