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Posted by Mike Flanagan on June 25, 1997 at 13:25:09

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posted by Steve Watrous on June 25, 1997 at 10:01:17

: Can anyone tell me the advantages and their experience with powder coated wheels?.I know that regular paint gets damaged in a hurry and would like something more durable.Also can you give me the name, tel no, email address for someone who does powder coating on "A" wheels?Thanks

Steve, as the old saying goes, "best thing since sliced bread"!

Bullet proof: In 6000 miles and a complete set of white walls to replace the black walls, ie; two tire changes per wheel, and not a mark. This had an impact on the "Domestic Tranquility" as my wife had the chore of touching up the straw wheels before every run.
Cost: Five wheels sandblasted and powder coated for $150.00. I have done five wheels with primer, sanding and paint and I wouldn't even consider it for under $50 per wheel.
Appearance: A pressure washer with a little Smart & FinalCleaner & degreaser then clear rinse and a blow dry with the leaf blower and we're good to go with our nuts a shinin'.The black shows no fading after a year and a half of ARIZONA.

Dis-Advantages: Sometimes the colors don't match perfectly for a show car. That's why I chose black with white walls.

I don't know where you are but the powder coaters are sometimes listed under Industrial Coatings or Painting Contractors in the Yellow pages.

I'll never have another Model a with painted rims.

Other than that I really have no opinion on the subject.

Mike Flanagan, The Model A Fool.

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