Registry of Canadian "A" Production

Posted by Roy Bebee on May 11, 1998 at 12:09:48

This web-chat page is great. I've noticed quite a few folks that I know and I've contacted a few.
I have been collecting Canadian production records since 1983 through the good offices of the Model "A" Owners of Canada and the Quill & Quail newsletter. After 14 years as editor I retired and am continuing with the Registry of Canadian A Production ( RECAP for short ). I am asking all owners of Canadian produced "A"s to send me an Email with their engine, and body numbers, frame and tank numbers, and body style and year and ANY other historical info that might go along with it. I have just over 200 records cross-referenced so far, and obviously could use more for a better base.

I would enjoy corresponding with anyone interested in this database and am willing to sort and search for info if requested on the internet.

Thanks, and great instant Ford Facts for your readers.


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