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Posted by DJ.Voyce on April 28, 1998 at 01:19:13

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posted by rick on April 27, 1998 at 09:21:58

G'Day Rick,
I tend to agree with Marco as far as concocting a witches brew of lubricants goes, however I don't say that they won't work for you. I've bought a 5 gallon (imperial) drum of steam cylinder oil made by Shell, called Valvata J460 which has a fairly high viscosity & is also available in a heavier viscosity still which is Valvata J680. According to the technical department at Shell oils, the J prefix designates this as being a gear oil. It also has a sticky/stringy kind of feel to it, much as you'd get from STP.
OutOfAfrica A's

: Saturday I took part of my steering box apart to stop a bad oil leak. It was leaking from the sides and the steering sector housing that connects to the pitman arm. I replaced the leather gasket that had failed and sliped on a rubber like band to seal where it mates to the frame. But the next day it was leaking from the area where the frame and sector housing meet. How can I stop this leak!

: Thanks

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