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Posted by H. L. Chauvin on April 27, 1998 at 23:40:06

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posted by John Hand on April 27, 1998 at 10:09:35

: Which side is up when installing the copper asbestos engine head gasket?Is it the folded over edge or the somooth side?In the Model A Ford Mechanics Hanbook it says to place the gasket with the rolled seam bottom down.The Bratton's catalog say the seam around the cylinder hole faces up.I am confused.
Hi Fred:Tough, sincere question;not just "which way", but "why" a certain way?My "guess" is that copper seam is on top, per Mr. Bratton, and this may be ever so slightly better because copper seams under cylinder head, around combustion chambers can act as "slip sheets" to allow cylinder head to nest in and seat when tightening from center outward without wrinkles.Bottom side of single sheet copper gasket, without seams, is resting on a more stable, stationary block with less movement initially upon installation and later while engine is running.Through not knowing, and having no instructions years ago, I've seen them work sucessfully both ways with old "Permatex No. 2".Maybe someone else has an opinion.

Best wishes, Henry

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