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Posted by Alex on April 26, 1998 at 19:12:16

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posted by Mike Smith on April 26, 1998 at 09:17:25

: Does anyone have production figures and serial numbers for engines fitted to Canadian built A's. All A's sold here in Zimbabwe were of Canadian supply {with a few exceptions being the English 14.9hp smaller bore engine, I have one and I think from memory it was 3", but thats irrelevant to my question.:-)}.

Try contacting Dave Sturges. He posted a bulletin ref numbers please on this board April 10 and I guess he is the engine number body number Guru as he has done a lot of work for our mutual benefit on this subject. I have a 1930 steel bodied RHD Tudor that came to Australia from New Zealand. The engine numbers don't seem to have as much bearing on your car as the body number found under the LH seat stamped on the steel cross member. Mine for instance is 4F629. DJ Voyce and Dave Sturges speculatethat the 4stands for April F stands for Foreign export (probably RHD) and the rest is a number.
I think Dave would be pleased to hear from you especially if you can provide him with body number details for his research.


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