Re: How to get started?

Posted by Larry Jenkins on April 24, 1998 at 18:48:03

In Reply to: Re: How to get started?
posted by Brian Burkert on April 23, 1998 at 19:21:12

: Raoul,

: I will gladly send you a list of good Model "A" books via snail mail.I recommend you join the two national Model "A" clubs and a local Model "A" club chapter in your area.I have more information if you would email me--

: Brian Burkert
: Fleetwood, PA

Hi Raoul..

One of the books that helped me a lot during the restoration of a 31 Deluxe Roadster and a 30 Coupe was the Model A Service Bulletins book that is readily available a most Model A parts houses..

Larry Jenkins

: : Well, after years of dreaming about owning a Model A, it looks like I finally will.I will be getting a 29 Phaeton, but it's in poor shape.I have the first three volumes of 'How to Restore Your Model A' from The Restorer, but would appreciate suggestions of other resources of how to completely restore this car.It will be my first restoration and I really could use a more detailed, step-by-step procedure so I can make this first attempt successful.Any suggestions would be appreciated.Thanks.

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