Spark & Throttle Levers Restored

Posted by Ray Williamson on April 22, 1998 at 15:34:00

I have several original 28-31 spark and throttle levers, ready to install.These have been chrome plated after I have built up the detent areas with brass, to a wedge shape.This wedge contacts the grooves in the upper steering column plate.You can really feel the detent when you move the levers up and down.They sell for $24 each plus postage.E-mail me with any questions or orders.These are sold on an exchange basis only with good cores.I also have all the other items you might need to restore your steering columns (ie. needle beering sector housings, shafts with new worm gears pressed on, E-Z Steer kits, steering and pitman arms with new balls, etc.).

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