Clutch Pressure Plate -- Depth Adjustment

Posted by Gordon Biggar on April 21, 1998 at 20:40:19

As the re-assembly of my engine nears completion, I am rapidly becoming mechanically dangerous.Now that I have the flywheel mounted, I am debating about adjustments to the depths of the "fingers" in the clutch pressure plate.

In Les Andrews' recent book, he talks about a proper depth (from the flat of the back surface) being 5/8".Some of our Club members have told me that clutch spring pressures are tricky items to adjust, and that if mine had not presented a problem beforehand -- well you know the rest: if it ain't broke, etc., etc.The depth of my fingers from the flat of the surface is a uniform 1/4", and they offer a fair amount of resistance when I attempt to push them in.

Does anyone have any experience on adjusting clutch pressure plates?I have been unable to find any written articles on the subject.

Thanks in advance.


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