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Posted by H. L. Chauvin on April 19, 1998 at 15:48:36

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posted by Tim on April 19, 1998 at 11:47:28

: What is the correct height of the front and rear bumpers to the ground. I am tring to determine how much my front and rear springs are sagging. Also, was there a dished out area in the rear axle housing just below the spring hanger or did mine wear that way from a worn rear spring?

: Thanks Tim

Hi Tim:According to the "Ford Model-A Restoration Manual" , (copyright 1955 by Ford Motor Co.), showing only some of the actual Ford body dimensions for some cars and trucks, bumper heights indicated, measured from centerline of bumpers to level ground vary as follows

1929 Cars:Front: 18-1/2"Rear:19-1/2"
1930 Cars:Front: 18-11/16"Rear:16-1/2"
1930/31 Pickup Trucks:Front:18-11/16"
1930/31 AA Trucks:Front:24-1/4"

Don't be surprised if you have both tops of front axles and rear axle housings worn by the bottoms of the front and rear springs; and also bottoms of both sprngs also worn.Many auto owners did not maintain nor replace broken shocks. Mostroads had holes and railroad crossings that could cause all four wheels to leave the ground at 30 mph.USA had more rural people at that time and the added weight of the 100 pound sack of corn for the chickens between the fender and the hood, and having both running boards loaded with neighborhood hitch-hickers made springs hit axles often. (Hitch-hickers are a no-no today, but not then).

Best wishes, Henry

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