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Posted by Jim ledbetter on April 17, 1998 at 21:26:17

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posted by Jim Kellett on April 17, 1998 at 19:52:21

: : All references to installing a water temp guage that I have seen relate to the manual type system that requires a fixed length of tubing between the sensor and the guage.Has anyone installed an electrical type guage system?It would seem that this would be easier to install.Is there a problem with 6 volts?

: Thanks for the inputs.Just realized I have been spelling gauge wrong.Sorry about that.Regarding doubling the reading of a 12 volt gauge when using 6 volts, I'm not sure how linear the gauge would be.While it might be correct at a single point, such as boiling (212), would it track for lower temperatures below boiling?I guess the thing to do would be to calibrate the sensor over the temperature range and mnake a new face with correct markings if the 12 volt gauge does not track using X2 factor.Maybe it would be simpler to run a 12 volt system.

It's simple to check and see what the gauge reads.Just get a 6 volt latern battery, wifes candy thermometer and check with boiling water. Keep in mind that the battery voltage probably will have more effect on reading than limits of meter.Battery voltage can vary quite a bit depending on state of charge.This will effect what any gauge will read.My Honda motorcycle has a 7.2 vdc voltage regulator between the bat and the instruments.This will give constant reading at all voltage levels.I would also think that quality of meter will also have an impact in linerarity of unit.Most of the meters are as cheap as they can be made.If you want, its not hard to recalibrate the face of a meter.The hard part is getting it apart.Find a friendly ham in your neighborhood, he will be glad to help on setting up the meter.Just buy him a beer or two.Then tell him what a nice lid he is.

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