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Posted by Mike Flanagan on June 30, 1997 at 20:14:48

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posted by Dave Rinearson on June 30, 1997 at 10:15:06

: suggestions, please... recently replaced all brake linings (and all other wear items) on my 29 tudor.I used the woven linings with impregnated brass, as I have done in the past.At the recommendation of my brake shop, I didn't have the original drums turned.The car is relatively low mileage and they looked great.

: With maybe 150 miles now on the new brakes they're squealing like crazy, especially on the first stop after sitting for a few days.I didn't have this problem with the brake job on my last car, although I did have those drums turned.Any thoughts?Will this "get better"?

: Thanks.

A possible cause for your problem may be in that the new lining may not be contacting the drum totally. If one end of the shoe is making contact and the other is not the vibration the previous respondent described will be present in spades. Our brakes behave much differently than modern hydraulic brakes.
Did you replace the brake shoes or did you reline the existing. The last brakework I did on my Town Sedan resulted in noise not unlike the Thresher sinking. I drove with light pressure on the brake pedal for a couple miles and returned to the hanger. With the brakes adjusted so that the they had a slight drag the brake shoe was making no contact at the top of the shoe. A quick check with a homemade "gizmo" revealed that the lining with the brakes applied were not in the same radius as the brake drum. Two choices, rearc the shoe or sand the brake lining. As the lining was quite thick I chose the latter and have had no problems. I believe that if i had simply driven and adjusted for a couple days the drum would have done the sanding for me. Quien sabe'?
Check the preload on the front wheel bearings but don't get to heavy handed, Henry didn't like his nuts to tight.

We're havin' fun now!!!!!!!

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