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Posted by Mike Flanagan on June 30, 1997 at 13:34:23

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posted by Steve Watrous on June 30, 1997 at 08:55:10

: We've gotten our 31 coupe so it will stop now (finally) thanks in part to many of you on Dale's fine web site.Now if it would just GO.The engine will have to be rebuilt it uses about a quart of 30 wt in 45 miles and fouls the number 2 & 3 plugs with disgusting regularity. And it has no power.My questions are:
: should I consider modern shell bearing inserts?
: should I have a counterweighted crank installed?
: how about the high compression heads from the company in TX?

: I would like resonable power but don't want a hot rod.

: I'm also considering the "Float-a-motor" rear mount kit but I'm concerned as to what provides the fore and aft positioning of the drive train and the front wish bone if the motor is allowed to float in rubber mounts?? I really would like the reduced vibration that the combination of counterbalanced/balanced engine and rubber mounts would logically seam to offer but I'm skeptical of anything that seems to good to be true.I'd love to hear the experiences and opinions of those of you who may have gone this root.
: Best Regards,
: Steve

Steve, first question would be are you a fellow that works on his own car or do you take it to someone. If you are able and capable I personally would advise rippin' into her and seeing what indeed is really wrong. First do a compression test. The oiling might be isolated and as easy as broken rings.How much lift are you getting on the valves. A worn camshaft and low compression (lower than 4.2???) EQUAL DRAMATIC LOSS OF POWER.

As to the question of counter balanced crank, inserted bearings..... Let your pocketbook be your guide. However don't be to disapointed when a fellow in a Model A similar to yours loaded down with women and kids passes you on a hill with a wave and a grin. In a Model A that you know has an engine that is stock as a stove.This happened several weeks ago, me and my $1200 engine and he and his $5000 engine.... He mitigated his embarrasement by saying his engine would last longer than mine... it should no faster than it runs. Heh. He was madder than a Methodist caught in a beer joint. Unless you want to drive 60 and above MY opinion is that the old Model A engine rebuilt as Henry designed it works just fine, 45 mph pocketapocketapocketa... All day long. Drove mine all the way from Astoria Oregon to San Diego CA down Pacific Coast Highway with not a problem.
The problem with inovative thinking is, unless you have a budget equal to the R&D when you modify one thing you never know where this will lead.
The Float-a-motors are a good thing. I have not experienced nor ever before given any thought to the movement you suggest. Quien Sabe'?

In summation my opinion is rebuild if you must but rebuild as original, buy and install float-a-motors and enjoy life at 45-50. And use the savings to buy enough gas to wear it out again.

One man's opinion.

Mike Flanagan, The Model A Fool

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