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Posted by Paul Koncak on June 26, 1997 at 18:11:33

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posted by Dean Travis on June 26, 1997 at 09:12:03

: Hello,

: I've got a 31 S/W four door that I am considering putting dual side mounted spares. I see kits available to modify my existing fenders with the fender wells for the spares. Do you think this is a good idea? Or should I consider buying the new fenders with the wells built in?My fenders are in good shape but need some work anyway and I see in most catalogs that even the new fenders need some cosmetic work to get then to fit properly. Secondly, I noticed that Henry Ford put the provisions for side mounts on the frame already, but the splash aprons will have to be cut. Difficult? Will the splash aprons need to be removed to bolt on the spare tire support arm to the frame?

: Any and all information would be appreciated!

: Dean

Hello Dean,
I have two Model A's (30 Coupe & 30 Roadster) I have installed side mounts (well'd fenders) on both of them.The first fender was difficult.Like Larry, I thought "never again".But I soon got over the "hurt" and tried again.Learned a few things the first time.I looked at the proceedure in one of the Restorer articles and found it difficult to follow.So I started on my own.Like yours, mine needed some work anyway so what if I goofed up!!!?
First I looked at an original welled fender, took measurements for location.Made a template for the cut and bend locations. The bend margin was 1" down the sides and about 1/2" on ends. With the fender on the car I cut the material out of the well area. In order to make a manageable bend on the sides, I made cuts (at a right angle to the bend scribe line ) about 4 inches apart down the sides. I drilled two 3/8 " holes in each 4" section for plug welding.I slipped the well under the fender and put a small jack under it to hold it in place and and to put a little pressure on the fender.With a body hammer and teardrop dolly I bent each 4" section down.By bending them carefully (using the charp curved edge of the dolly for backup) a very nice edge can be made along the side. Making sure that the cuts I made were all square , I welded (MIG) the well to the fender through the 3/8 plug holes.With both sides welded I proceeded to bend the ends down and form them using the same dolly.By carefully placing the welds and coming back to the cuts made to the bendline, welding them, the job looks like it was done at the factory. Not bragging! I am really proud of them.
To put the holes in the splash apron, I made a "center punch" out of a short piece of dowell pin with a nail driven it into it.The head was cut off and a point was put on the nail.The dowell was just small enough to go through the mount which fastens to the frame.Working from the inside of the frame, I placed the center punch through the frame and through the mount.Bumping the punch slightly is all it too to put a little "pimple" on the outside.This revealed the center of the hole.It was a simple matter to drill it out to size and what do you know it all worked well.
I know I have made this sound easy but it really did work.

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