Safety Tip: Fordor Touring

Posted by Mike Flanagan on June 25, 1997 at 14:09:10

A corrolary to Murphy's Laws could read: "The probability of the rear door coming open while the car is under way is directly proportional to the rate of speed the vehicle is traveling".
Luckily this corrolary did not apply when I learned this lesson. "The Grand Dotter" (4 years old) rides in a car seat firmly strapped in the back seat. She decided one day that the back window needed to be open. But she attempted to accomplish this by using the door handle. WHOOOSH! Fortunately we were just leaving the motorhome for some sight seeing and no damage was done.
Now the safety tip: WalMart has nylon dog collars that fit around the door post and effectively render the door inoperable. With no adverse affect on the paint.The only down side I can see is not being able to get the door open in event of emergency. A small hunting knife strapped under the steering column makes this almost a moot point.

When people other than Model A'ers ask about the dog collars I just tell them I'm looking for the dog. In Oregon? In the summer it's cooler to look in Oregon than in Arizona....

God speed under 50.

Mike Flanagan. The Model A Fool.

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