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Posted by Larry Jenkins on June 24, 1997 at 14:46:37

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posted by Bob Carabbio on June 23, 1997 at 19:30:16

: Just checking to see if anybody has tried this -

: The oil pump moves the oil and discharges it right at the point where the pipe fitting is at the skirt of the block.It then runs through a couple of slots cut into the pump body up into the center camshaft bushing area, then up the distributer shaft and forward into the front of the valve chamber.

: It appears that if the slots in the pump housing were brazed closed,and the pump housing machined for a good fit with an "O" ring, the oil would be forced out the fitting at the bottom of the block where it could be piped to a remotely mounted filter, and returned to the camshaft bushing area through another fitting drilled and tapped into the block about 1.5" above the existing one.

: What am I missing??

: Seems like an easy way to get full-flow filtration.

: Bob Carabbio

Hi Bob..Well, I've read the question and the interesting answers, so maybe someone will tell me what I have.The filter system I put on my B engine takes oil from the lower tapped hole in the engine block, through the filter, and discharges the clean oil to the timing gear via a hollow bolt.Full flow? Partial flow?No flow at all?Thanks.BTW Bob, did you call about your shocks?

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