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Posted by Ken Schmidt on June 20, 1997 at 18:02:04

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posted by Walt on June 20, 1997 at 14:56:56

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: : : : : I'm a new guy to model A's and finding out there is a lot to learn.I replaced my battery, new connector on negative side, and new cable on positive side to ground.My horn worked, lights worked, but when I stepped on the starter to start the motor - everything went dead after a short burst from the starter.Is there a fuse or some other relay that can turn off like this.

: : : : Walt it sounds like you may have a corrosion build up inside the battery connector/s or ground(posotive) strap or poor connection from connector to cable. This problem can be sorted out by removing the connectors from the battery, scraping the inside of them where they contact the battery posts & then dunking them in a hot solution of bi-carbonate of soda & water until they stop fizzing, & clean the contact point of the ground strap where it attaches to the chassis(frame).If the ground is attached to the chassis it would be a good idea to fit a seperate lead between the engine & chassis (normally from one of the flywheel housing bolts to the chassis) to ensure a good connection between the battery & engine which will prevent any voltage drop. If the wiring system is standard, from what you saythere should be no other reason for your problem. Hope this helps, let us know what you find.
: : : : DJ.

: : : Hi DJ-

: : : My battery , connector to negative terminal, and cable to positive terminal are all brand new.Maybe as you say I should check to see if the positive cable is making good contact with ground. I'm wondering why my lights and horn worked until I tried to start it with everything new and then all went dead.No lights- No horn - No starter - No Nothing

: : : Walt

: : Hi Walt,
: : NOw is the time to dig out the volt/ohm meter and check the source. BTW, did you say you checked the fuse cus that could take care of the horn and lights.. Let us know what you found.
: : Ken Schmidt

: Ken-
:Where is the fuse located for the horn and lights?
: Walt

Hi Walt,
I'm is located beside the started and I bought it from one of the model A vendors. If you have the same type you will see it when opening the drivers side hood. You should also have a book showing the wiring. Don't forget the volt/ohm meter...

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