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Posted by Mike Flanagan on June 20, 1997 at 15:53:03

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posted by Walt on June 20, 1997 at 10:31:18

: I'm a new guy to model A's and finding out there is a lot to learn.I replaced my battery, new connector on negative side, and new cable on positive side to ground.My horn worked, lights worked, but when I stepped on the starter to start the motor - everything went dead after a short burst from the starter.Is there a fuse or some other relay that can turn off like this.

Walt, watt fuse. The best thing for you to do is take a minute to understand the system. If there is no one in your area that can help then you need to buy the books, (How to Restore your Model A) volumes 1 thru 5 and Jim Schild's Shop Manual. If there is no source in your area call Snyder's at 330-549-5313 and they will take your order over the phone and send a catalog. Then read and learn about the little car. In the meantime if you are at all mechanically inclined simply start at the beginning with a test lite and find out where you lose the current. There is a bad connection somewhere. First test between the poles of the battery. If there is current there then from the current side to ground (chassis) if ok then from current side to engine.... Somewhere you are loosing continuity. First concentrate on getting the engine to crank, once this is done then think about starting. One step at a time. Also now is the time to install a quick disconnect/fuse at the starter. This will protect the car if you get a direct short. These shorts are notorious for occuring behind the instrument panel at the dash light wire. Guess what is right next to this wire. Yep, the gas tank. I could go on forever but you are better off seeking help locally or, better yet, take the time to learn the system then you can troubleshoot intelligently. Join a MAFCA chapter, someone in the club will get you on the right road, and you'll have a little fun in the process. Meet some nice people to... maybe even me. But some say I'm not so nice.

God speed under 50, once you get it started.

Mike Flanagan, The Model a Fool.

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