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Posted by Mike Flanagan on June 19, 1997 at 20:25:09

In Reply to: Front End Shaking
posted by Joe Cunningham on June 19, 1997 at 18:03:18

: I have a 1931 Tudor which develops severe shaking when driving at low speed. It only happens sometimes, but it seems like the the wheels are coming off. It ends only after I stop. The front end looks tight, except for a little play in the steering box. There is no play in the kingpins or wheel bearings. Any ideas?

Joe, when the front shakes, generally speaking, something is loose. In addition to those previously mentioned by Jim the problem can be caused by a simple front end alignment problem. Rub your hand across the face of the tread of both front tires. If the serface is smooth your alignment is probably ok. However if your hand meets pronounced resistance in one direction or another the tread is wearing unevenly and the alignment needs to be checked. Slack in the tie rod ends can also cause this condition. A loose or worn pitman arm connection at the steering gear output can cause shimmy. Have someone move the steering wheel back and forth while you watch. If the shaft has any movement in the arm there is a problem. A problem I have experienced is the nut on the bottom of the spring perch bolt loosens through wear. (This is the bolt that holds the "wishbone" to the front axle). If you detect evidence of any rust in the vicinity of the nut or the bottom of the wishbone yoke the nut is probably loose. In this case loose is a deceptive term. The nut will appear to be tight, you will not be able to turn it with a wrench. Use a socket and breaker bar and a lot of "umph". Any is enough. In my case I was only able to turn the nut the distance of one "castle" but it was enough to eliminate the shakes. Another problem that is often overlooked is tire inflation. both tires need to be properly inflated. One low tire can greatly exaggerate any other problems that may exist. Are we havin' fun yet?

God speed under 50.

Mike flanagan, The Model A Fool.

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