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Posted by John Cannon on June 19, 1997 at 11:40:47

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posted by Walton June 18, 1997 at 13:05:06

: My newly purchased 1930 Model A appears be leaking oil in front of the clutch housing.I was told it probably was the rear engine seal.Does this sound correct and if so how much money am I gonna have to pay to have it fixed???Also, do I take it to an engine shop or transmission shop??Any and all info would be appreciated.

The rear main seal consists of a slinger ring on the crankshaft and a "labryinth" of areas in the rear main cap.Occasionally mechanics have turned down this slinger ring to accomodate everything from packing to a newer style neoprene seal.All have had successes and failures.If you remove the base pan to check the drain tube and babbit area of the rear main, check the center main also.It gets the most wear and any excess clearance there will cause a "pumping" of oil out of the rear main.There are many good articles in the repair books on this procedure.Also don't overlook the possibility of a leak at the rear camshaft bearing.It will drip in nearly the same area.The suggestions on cutting off the rear main tube is a good one.Good Luck!

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